The following is a public accumulation of C-5 Briefing Guides, Study Guides, Ops Limits and various errata. ATTENTION: These are Unofficial documents. None of this information is a substitute for official publications, regulations or USAF Tech Orders. Feel free to view each file or download them all; print and use. If you have any gouge of your own please email me and I will add it to the collection. Please submit your names with your gouge so that all crew dogs know who to thank.

C-5 Gouge – Thanks to Peter Drenkow and Dale Turnbull

Bold Face Quiz (18K .doc) as of 17Aug09 Bold Face Answers (31K .doc) as of 17Aug09
Ops Limits 1 (31K .doc) Ops Limits Answers 1 (32K .doc)
Ops Limits 2 (34K .doc) Ops Limits Answers 2 (35K .doc)

C-5 Study Guides – 19Jan03, thanks to Jon
Spelling Corrections – 13Mar03 thanks to William Morley

Additional C-5 Gouge

C-5 LM MQF – Loadmaster MQF (83K .doc) C-5 AR Fuel Plan – Aerial Refueling Plan (35K .doc)

C-5 Maintenance Manuals – Section1 | Section2 | Section3 – thanks to CAPT Michael Cranston