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Enter up to Ten ICAO Identifiers in Field Below to Retrieve METARs

CONUS Options

Enter a city name to get a local forecast:

USN Flight Weather Briefer 1.7 NEW! (FWB)

Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA)

Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)

Interactive Sectionals + Weather (SkyVector)

Accuweather Radar
NEXRAD: National radar large-scale image. Zoom, select region, state and loop.Intellicast Radar Summary
Includes cell tops, movement direction and speed. Click on map to select state, zoom.

ADDS Radar Images
Select the state and view base-reflectivity, and loop.

State Doppler Radar
State Doppler images, updated every 2 hours. Shows all precip.

Unisys Radar
USA Radar – loop, zoom, & look backwards in time.

Intellicast Loop Radar
USA Radar – zoom & loop, switch to NEXRAD and more.

Current Icing Forecast(CIF)
Precision maps and plots, updated hourly, to identify areas of potential aircraft icing.Forecast Conditions
Surface conditions & precipitation forecast.

12hrs | 24hrs | 36hrs | 48hrsConvective Sigmets
By-region Convective Sigmet text description.

Pick where you want to fly today – IFR and VFR areas.

Forecast Tomorrow
Surface conditions & precipitation forecast.

Storm Prediction Center
NOAA 1 and 2 day forecast outlooks and rates potential storm area severity.

U.S. Severe Weather
National severe weather risks and forecast.

U.S. Lightning
National lightning large-scale image. Zoom & select region.

Tool with Visual Depiction.

Tropical Cyclones
Cyclone research and storm coverage. Multiple reports, images, and analysis.

CNN Forecast
North American forecast for tomorrow. Shows surface conditions and probable precipitation.

National Hurricane Center
NOAA website with images and predictions.

U.S. Satellite
National satellite large-scale image. Select IR, vis, vapor. Also zoom, select state, region and loop.Satellite Imagery
Select current and forecast regional GOES-8 imagery: IR, visible, water vapor.

Winds Aloft Page
Select altitudes for winds aloft. Able to forecast winds also.Winds Aloft 18K
Current 18,000 ft winds aloft

Winds Aloft 24K
Current 24,000 ft winds aloft.

Jet Stream Image
Daily jetstream analysis.

OCONUS Options

JAAWIN KQ Codes List (AFWA link)
KQ (Observation Site Location Prefix) – .Mil server

Composite IR Satellite
Euro, Africa, Middle East, Asia composite IR satellite image – pick which geographic region.

Accuweather World Satellite
World large scale image. Select region and enlarge. Select IR, vis, vapor.

Intellicast Current Satellite
World image, select region.

Intellicast IR Satellite
World image, select region.

Mid East/Asia IR Satellite
IR satellite image – from Africa to Southeast Asia, including Afghanistan and Indian + Pakistan subcontinent.

USN Bahrain Metro
Official USN site. Radar, satellite images, forecast,and observations.

Middle East Satellite
Middle East IR satellite image + loop.

World Horizontal Wx Depiction
Select region for surface analysis (intellicast)

Military European Weather
US Military Euro Weather Center (21OWS). Access from .Mil only.

Canada (North Atlantic) Winds Aloft
Nav Canada Aviation Weather site

Europe Pilot Weather
Radar, sig weather, Links

Upper Air (Winds Aloft)
University of Wyoming website.
Select region and altitude

European Metro Links
links to images and products.

European Weather Center
Pilot Friend Europe Metro – images & data by country.

USAFE Metro (Public)
Official USAFE weather site.

Lightning Strikes
Loop lightning plot.

Europe and Med
Select: satellite IR, vis, vapor images, forecast, warnings, and loop.
Access from .Mil only.

U.K. Official Met Office
Select: satellite IR, vis, last 24 hours animation.

Euro Precip Radars
Pick which specific country you want the radar image of.

Unisys Europe Metro
Radar, satellite images, forecast, and observations.

USAFE Metro Winds Aloft
From USAFE Public site

NOAA Caribbean Metro?
Official site. Radar, satellite images, loop.

USN Caribbean Metro
Western Atlantic and Caribbean radar, satellite, tropical cyclones.

Caribbean & Mexico Radar
Topmet Western Atlantic, Caribbean, Cuba images, loop.

South America IR
South America composite IR.

Puerto Rico IR
PR and Caribbean cloud cover.

Unisys South America Metro
Radar, satellite images, forecast, and observations.

Upper Air (Winds Aloft)
University of Wyoming website.
Select region and altitude

Anchorage Radar
Anchorage area NEXRAD image. Select reflectivity or velocity.

Alaska Satellite
Large scale satellite image. Select: IR, vis,vapor, zoom and loop.

Alaska Weather Center
Official NOAA Weather site.

Asia Winds Aloft Charts
Select the time period and altitude

Asia Satellite Images
Various images from 607th Weather Sqdrn, Yongsan AB.

Asia Metro Links
links to images and products.

Unisys Australia Metro
Radar, satellite images, forecast, and observations.

Unisys East Asia Metro
Radar, satellite images, forecast, and observations.

Upper Air (Winds Aloft)
University of Wyoming website.
Select region and altitude

MAIS – Military Weather
Official mil weather site, password required.

Hurricane Hunters WX
Various aviation weather links.

Boat and Beach Forecast

Loop = able to loop or animate image
Forecast= forecasted or predicted conditions.