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We offer highly targeted marketing. Baseops produces 180,000+ page views and more than 67,000+ unique visitors per month. Our discussion forums at www.FlyingSquadron.com/forums receives more than 555,000+ page views per month. Reach your target audience by advertising at Baseops. Additionally, our aviation jobs portal at www.GuardReserveJobs.com produces 45,000+ page views per month. Advertising across our entire network can help you reach more than 1 million impressions per month.
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Who uses our website? Military and civilian pilots, aspiring pilots-to-be, navigators, flight engineers, loadmasters, and countless other aviators — all using our website for flight planning, mission preparation, and aviation weather. Our users are world travelers, business professionals, and leaders in the armed forces. Find out more about baseops.

We have put together the internet’s best available flight planning resources and information into one centralized, easy to use web site for the sole purpose of serving current and aspiring aviators. Baseops offers an unrivaled selection on military mission planning resources for aviators of all military services. Baseops has put together the most comprehensive military student pilot information for aspiring young aviators and interactive discussion forums where you can engage and interact with other pilots.

Aviators from the US Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Coast Guard and a host of Allied Nations frequent Baseops.net for their flight planning and aviation weather. We have created the online focal point of military aviation – our online community is the perfect way to interact and share information with fellow aviators from Pensacola to Afghanistan! Baseops.net is maintained to aid aircrews in their flight planning. We are the best one-stop source for flight planning on the internet.

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