C-12 and NAS CC Gouge

C-12 Flight School Study Guides

C-12 Engine View, Right Side – (18Mar08) 2MB Powerpoint of engine photos with labels for all components.

C-12 Engine View, Left Side – (18Mar08) 2MB Powerpoint of engine photos with labels for all components.

C-12 Memory Items – (Updated 23Dec04) List of memory items (bold face). Thanks to Spencer Trehal.

C-12 Memory Items Notecards – (23Dec04) Memory items prepared on note card-sized doc. Thanks to Spencer Trehal.

C-12 Ops Limits (Blank Sheet) – (29Dec09). Thanks to Christopher Thomsen.

Corpus Christi Instrument Approaches Map (19Jul05)
Map with most of the local Corpus approaches drawn out on it. Download (730K JPG). Thanks to Dave Blair.

CRP/NGP Coded Departures (29Jun11)
Download (16K Word). Thanks to Jonathan M.

C-12 Kneeboard Sheets (29Dec09). Thanks to Christopher Thomsen.
Standard Kneeboard
Instrument Kneeboard

C-12 CPT Gouge (1Aug07)
C2101 | C2102 | C2103 | C2104 | C2105 | C2106

T-44 BI Stage Guides (19Jul05)
Now matching the MPTS syllabus, updated and with new notes. Word document format. Thanks to Dave Blair.
BI1 | BI2 | BI3 | BI4 | BI5 | BI6

T-44/C-12 BI Turn Pattern Gouge (28Mar05)
BI Turn Patterns Powerpoint File – editable (52K PPT), thanks to Nick Weiss
BI Turn Patterns Word File – checklist insert sized (167K Word), thanks to Arthur Allen

C-12 RI Instrument Stage Gouge (19Apr2011) Thanks to Roderick Smith
Instrument Stage Gouge (with systems and general knowledge from the C-12).
RI 3200 Block | RI 3300 Block | RI 4100 Block | RI 4200 Block | RI 4390 | RI 4500 Block | RI 4600 Block

C-12 Expanded Checklists (8Jul07)
Detailed information and sized to fit in your checklist
C-12 External Walk Around Checklist
C-12 Interior Inspection Checklist
C-12 Before Engine Start Checklist

Instrument Review Stage Gouge (4Sep05) – thanks to Dave Blair.
Review Stage Study Notes (70K Word) – Review Stage Instrument Study Notes (4Sep05).
Instrument / RI Approach Brief (1.6K Word) – Instrument Approach Briefing Guide.

Instrument Stage Map of the “Valley of the Downs” (4Sep05)
Low Chart of the Valley with additional gouge highlighted and listed such as holding patterns, IAFs, etc. Download (1.9M JPG). Thanks to Dave Blair.

T-44/C-12 Low-Level Tac Form Stage Gouge (13Nov05)
Low-Level / Tactical Formation Stage Gouge matching the MPTS Syllabus. Word document format. Thanks to Dave Blair.
LL1 | LL2 | LL3 | LL4 | TF1 | TF2 | TF3

USAF Low-Level TAC Flimsy (8Sep08):
Multi-Engine Tactical Aircrew Flimsy (8MB). Thanks to Noah Lazenby.

C-12 Expanded Checklists (updated 1Sep04)Includes BEFORE START through TAKEOFF checklists straight out of the FTI, sized for plastic insert pages. Thanks to Marc Ayala.

Thanks to Iveta Muravyeva and Drew Judkins for study material
C-12 Systems Gouge (Updated Hank’s Gouge)
Instrument Approach Page – reference airfields, navaids and frequencies
IFR Kneeboard Card #2 – Pre-printed kneeboard cards

Contact Discuss Items – Discuss Items from Master Curriculum Guide
Contact Kneeboard – convenient kneeboard information (updated 4/20/07)
Instrument Kneeboard – convenient kneeboard information
Instrument Study Guide – Instrument (RI) Stage Study Guide
C-12 “Hank’s Gouge” – need-to-know numbers, system by system (35K .doc).
Instrument Approach Info Sheet download (30K .doc) – Thanks to Marco Stocchi, current as of 28Jan03
C-12 Virtual Walk-Around – Identify aircraft components and ops limits (updated 18Mar08)

#1 Engine, Inboard Side (starboard side)
#1 Engine, Inboard Side (starboard side)
#1 Engine, Outboard Side (port side)
#1 Engine, Outboard Side (port side)
Antennas (under side)
Antennas (under side)
Front View
Front View
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