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Interested in Special Operations Forces?

SEALs – Army Airborne Rangers – Green Berets – Combat Controllers – Marine Force Recon – How to prepare, what to expect.

Check out the most hardcore physical fitness programs: Navy SEALs Workout and the Army Special Forces Workout.

Marine Guidebook of Essential Subjects

Marine Officer’s Guide

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Army Basic Training -Be Smart, be Ready. More about Army Basic Training


Into the Crucible – USMC boot camp. More about USMC Basic Training


Honor, Courage, Commitment – Navy Boot Camp


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The Angel’s Face

Taking the ASVAB Test soon?
ASVAB Practice Test – Test Preparation – Study Guides Military Career Guide Books – How to prepare and succeed.

ASVAB – Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

ASVAB Basics

This is an excellent book for learning the specifics required to pass and do well on the ASVAB. If you can pass or excel on the practice tests in this book, you will do even better on the real test.

ASVAB – Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

Score High on ASVAB

I found this book very helpful in preparation for the ASVAB. I scored a 90. It helped to get familiar with the format of the exam itself, as well as the way questions are worded etc. It was that much less to think about at exam time.

ASVAB – Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

ASVAB – Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

I got this book and it is awesome. The cd works great and every thing I needed and more to help me was in there. I recommend this book to everyone who is thinking of going in the service and wants to get a real job! GET THIS BOOK AND SCORE HIGH!!!!”

ROTC Scholarships

How to Win a ROTC Scholarship

As a father trying to help his son get a scholarship, this book was a blessing. Not a whole lot of fluff in here, this book gives it to you the ways it is. The insight into how the process worked really helped. The guidance obviously worked; my son received a full 4 year Naval ROTC scholarship! AWESOME! I can’t tell you how much tuition this book saved our family! And more importantly, our son can serve his country.

The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook

The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook

This book will prepare a recruit, mentally and physically, for basic training in the U.S. Army. It offers practical and unique solutions to challenges encountered by new recruits. Inside you’ll find an 8-week fitness program specifically designed to improve your fitness test scores, study guides, an instructional “How to…” chapter, a list of what to bring (and not to bring) to basic training, tips for success, and much more.

Army Basic Training

Army Basic Training: Be Smart, Be Ready

If you are considering the military, this book is helpful. In addition to reviewing the information that is available to you in the Army handbook (available free from the Army on the web), Raquel D. Thiebes tries to give you a feel for what to expect emotionally from all the drilling, the classes, and your team and drill sergeants. You even get to go through the cafeteria line. She doesn’t want you to join and wimp out. She lets you know what happens to trouble makers and how you can work on leadership skills.

United States Military Service Academies

Air Force Academy Candidate Book
I have always wanted to go to the academy and after purchasing this book I know what I need to do to get in. It provides you with every way possible to prepare, tips for the nomination interview, how to get a nomination, and tips from actual cadets. It even tells you what your experiences will be once you arrive there. For those who seriously seek admission to the academy, BUY THIS BOOK.

The West Point Candidate Book
A very good book for those interested in attending the United States Military Academy. Provides very straight forward information about what is required, what it is like being a cadet both good and bad. A perfect book to give to either the parent of or the interested student.

Naval Academy Candidate Handbook
The Naval Academy Candidate Handbook is absolutely worth its weight in gold to anyone considering attending Annapolis. It was extremely helpful to me when I applied there, and it provided an honest and accurate picture of what to expect at the Academy. I recommend it to anyone I talk to who aspires to USNA, and have passed my copy on to several others who were in the process of applying. This is the one and only book you need, it’s got it all. This ’97 grad can’t imagine going through it all without the Candidate Handbook.