Officer Candidate School – Prepare for OCS, OTS, Flight School Tests

Preparation for each branch of service. Army, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Gives candidates the sample tests and preparation they need to achieve high scores on the qualifying exam.

arcobook3For the thousands of college graduates and enlisted personnel who each year seek commissions in the armed forces, here is the only guide to the officer candidate tests given by every service branch. Contents include full-length sample tests, up-to-the-minute coverage of the latest test formats, 1,200 practice questions with explanations, and detailed job descriptions. Line drawings, charts & diagrams.

This book is great for those who do better on batteries that they can actually see or practice with prior to test day. I was able to take a number of sample quizzes and it really let me know on what to work or focus. After using this book and the “Military Flight Aptitude Tests” book from the same publisher, I scored over 90 in each section of the AFOQT so the practice works! However, other books would come in handy since this book only provides reviews of the tests and samples, with no instruction on concepts.

As other reviewers have said, a book which explains certain math problems or English theory would help those who find they are lacking after taking a couple of this book’s sample tests. I would agree that an SAT book might be helpful as a companion. Also, the Verbal portion of the real AFOQT is much more complicated than the examples given here, so make sure you are a good reader and adept at pulling meaning out of passages.

So again, brush up on basic skills with another book but practice with this one. Good luck!

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