International Phone Cards

phonecards_57We selected the best phone cards on the market. Get a phone card and start saving on long distance and international calls today. Using phone cards lets you avoid surprises on your phone bill. Sign up for your phone cards online and have access to it within minutes. Your phone card pin and access number will be available immediately. Our phone cards have great low domestic rates from 1¢ per minute and to make low international calls too.

Phone calls are made by accessing the 1-800 number on the carrier’s connecting switch and are activated by using a Personal Identification Number (PIN) printed on the back of the prepaid phone card. If you signup online for your phone cards, your account number and pin are available immediately and you can be making calls within minutes of signing up.

Save Money, Use Phone Cards

phonecards_59Prepaid phone cards offer much lower domestic and international long distance rates than the regular long distance service from major phone companies. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that the monthly fee, taxes and other fees may account for about 10% of your total long distance bill. Using prepaid phone cards could save up to 70% of your long distance phone bill. Prepaid phone cards enable you to enjoy low long distance rates no matter where you are.

Looking for international cell phone coverage? Check out our International GSM Mobile Phones.

With a phone card you don’t have to cancel or change any of your current phone services. Phone cards are great for travelers too. They work as an alternative international long distance solution, helping you connect with friends and family at the lowest cost. You’re always in control of how much you spend with an international phone card – this makes budgeting easy.

Top Rated Phone Cards

  • MCI World Traveler – Call back to the U.S. from more than 130 countries worldwide. Call back to the U.S. from U.S. Military Bases worldwide for 6.1¢/min. Calls made to/from Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, & the US Virgin Islands billed at the same rate as the Continental USA – 6.1¢/min.
  • Aries – 1.5¢/min to South Korea, 1.5¢/min to Germany. Clear connections. Rechargeable Online
  • STI-Free – PINless Dialing. FREE or UNLIMITED Calls. Local & Toll-Free Access. Exceptionally Low Rates. A weekly fee of 79¢ will apply. Card expires 90 days after first use. 1 minute rounding.

Say Hello to Dial Advantage prepaid long distance service. Ultra Flexibility – Make long distance calls from your home, business, or cell phone, even when visiting or traveling. No Contracts – Use DialAdvantage for as long as you like. No Additional Fees – No connection fess, maintenance fees or taxes.

card_guaranteeWe Sell the Cheapest Phone Calling Cards!
Newest Cards: The Pyramid Keep On Talking

  • 3.6¢/min to Mexico.
  • 16.7¢/min to Vietnam.
  • 8.3¢/min to Philippines.
  • 10¢/min to Pakistan.