Whether you’re in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, you’ll need to be well prepared for your exam to compete for a seat in flight school. Use this book to get hands-on experience with the same kind of test material you’ll see on exam day, and pass your exam with flying colors.

Find out how to:

  • Score your best on the AFOQT, AFAST, or ASTB.
  • Conquer test anxiety and boost confidence.
  • Build a study plan and learn time management techniques.
  • Practice the same kinds of questions you’ll see on the actual exam.
  • Use the process of elimination and make educated guesses to answer tough questions.
  • Get career tips to maximize your promotion potential.

The Complete Preparation Guide for Military Flight Aptitude Tests includes sample tests for the:

  • AFOQT (Air Force Officer Qualifying Test)
  • AFAST (Alternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test)
  • ASTB (Aviation Selection Test Battery)

Military Flight Aptitude Tests – Buy the book

Military Flight Aptitude Tests

Testimonials from actual flight school students, pilot training graduates, and Air Force officers
I haven’t been the best student in college, but I really applied myself in studying for the AFOQT. This book was an excellent study aid and I highly recommend it. Take the practice tests seriously. I did the sample tests (in the front) a couple of times, over the course of a week or so, and then did the actual practice test three times over the course of about two weeks, rigidly timing each section. Go to the deepest section of the library or whatever it takes to not be interrupted and to concentrate. On the test, it will help if you have some flying experience and knowledge, and if you are mechanically inclined. One more thing regarding this book: I found that many of the problems in it seemed slightly harder than on the actual test. I can tell you for sure that the Electrical Mazes and Scale Reading sections are printed out a little larger and are easier to read on the test. My scores on each composite were: PILOT: 98, NAV: 95, A.A.: 87, VERBAL:93, QUANT: 75. Yeah I know- 75…we can’t have it all. Good luck.

This is a great book for preparing for the AFOQT. I was spooling up for a military pilot slot and took the Marine Corps flight test cold and did not do very well. I got this book before taking my first choice service (Air Force) flight test. I did quite well, that was back in ’97, and I graduated USAF pilot training in Nov of ’99. Take the practice tests under timed conditions. Just having seen the type of quesitons they ask having a feel for the time constraints of each section was a big help.

I too found this book extra helpful. There is a lot of hype surrounding the test, and study guides are limited, so buying this book is a good investment. Taking the practice tests and timing yourself lets you know the pace of the test. Further, you can pinpoint your weaknesses and brush up on certain topics i.e. math, etc. Being able to visualize the test and simulate the test environment at your desk helps break the ice. Also, I took a good look at /afoqt-how-to-prepare-how-to-succeed/ for additional guidance, study guides, and scoring information about the AFOQT. And the result, I got a pilot slot.

I recently bought this book to help calm my nerves as i was about to take the army AFAST. I studied away and passed the test with flying colors. in fact, the test questions in this book for the helicopter knowledge were harder than the actual test question. this lead to me be better prepared. it was the same way with the mechanical comprehension section. I surely wouldn’t have scored as well as i did without this book! Another good book to study helicopter aerodynamics is: Principles of Helicopter Flight.

I did fine on the AFOQT with this book. However I believe that a sample SAT book or a strong latin review will help with the two sections that deal with words. The math was pretty basic, similar to the SAT’s and the charts and electrical mazes are larger on the test compared to the practice books. I think the best way to study for this test is to lock yourself in a room and play some classical music. The lord of the rings soundtrack worked for me, but anything will do. It is also important that you answer every question for the AFOQT. It hurts your grade more if you leave an answer blank. Just relax and try not to stress out. As for studying, take it a section at a time, and time yourself accordingly. The Person in charge of our test had a loud timer that was distracting, so maybe you will want a loud timer so you can get use to the noise. Honestly, the test was not as hard as I thought. Just eat a light breakfast and concentrate. Good luck!

I decided after being a helicopter crew chief for 8 years that I wanted to attend flight school. My friends that were doing the same recommended this book to me- so I bought it. I already knew much of the material, but it did help me. This book contains tests for all services; I took the AFAST (Army Flight Aptitude Screening Test). As I recall, the practice test was not exactly what I found when I took the exam (which is good so the test is not COMPLETELY compromised) but it was close enough that I had minimal problems with it. In some cases (the control stick position portion) the real test seemed much simpler than the version in the book. Each time I come across someone who is interested in going to Army flight school, the first thing I do is recommend this book to them. Not only is it a good tool for practice and it explains the answers to the reader, but it is the only book in existence that I know of that points the reader in the right direction for the exam. You can’t walk in to take the AFAST without knowing something about rotary-winged flight. This book explains a little about retreating blade stall, dynamic rollover, translating tendency, etc. so if you don’t know these things, you can have a basic understanding of what they are. Without a clue of what some of these things are and how they pertain to helos, you won’t have a chance when test time comes. Good luck!

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