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Those Wonderful Women in Their Flying Machines: The Unknown Heroines of World War Two

Those Wonderful Women in Their Flying Machines by Sally V. Keil is a wonderful attempt at giving credit to true heroes of our nation. Today women compete in many areas and mostly against other women. In the air, women obey all the laws of physics that men do. And these women were very special.


Women at War: The Story of Fifty Military Nurses Who Served in Vietnam

This compilation is a strong, touching insight to the pre, intra, and post nursing experiences of some of our country’s finest military nurses. I can feel the excitement, the danger, the hopelessness, and the tragedy of the time.


Sabra – The Story of the Men and Women behind the guns of Israel

Permits the reader the privilege, the sometimes painful privilege, of looking directly into the soul of the ordinary Israeli. With keen insight, restraint, power and passionate commitment, Ted Berkman has dug into the heart of Israel’s Six Day War. As objectively written as it is possible to write, well worth reading and owning.


Women in Vietnam

This is indeed an Oral History told by the women who volunteered their time to go to Viet Nam. Most were not “women” at the time, but just young girls. Their stories were just recently told, and they seem to share a common thread in their telling: The desire to HELP their Country and the young soldiers in America’s longest war. Mr. Steinman’s Introduction is masterfully done.


Breaking Out: VMI and the Coming of Women

On July 26, 1996, the United States Supreme Court nullified the single-sex admissions policy of the Virginia Military Institute, the last all-male military college in America. Capturing the voices of female and male cadets, administrators, faculty, and alumni, Laura Brodie tells the story of the Institute’s intense planning for the inclusion of women and the problems and triumphs of the first year of coeducation.


Women in the Barracks: The VMI Case and Equal Rights

In June 2001, there was a decidedly new look to the graduating class at Virginia Military Institute. For the first time ever, the line of graduates who received their degrees at the “West Point of the South” included women who had spent four years at VMI.


In the Company of Men: A Woman at the Citadel

In a narrative studded with hard-hitting details, the collaborators chronicle Mace’s life as the first female cadet ever to graduate from The Citadel, Charleston’s almost 160-year-old military college. After a rather slow-moving account of her childhood years, the narrative picks up the pace significantly, shifting the focus to Mace’s experiences at the college.


Women in the Military: An Unfinished Revolution

Holm brings the reader up-to-date by covering the role of American military women in all post-Vietnam military operations including the Persian Gulf War. “Takes a hard look at such controversial issues as job stereotyping in the military, pregnancy and parenthood.”–Publishers Weekly.


Women in Combat: The Battle for Equality (Issues in Focus)

For students and educators exploring American military history, and women’s rights in general, this Issues in Focus title is sure to generate much discussion and thought. Incorporating statistics, personal stories, and quotes from soldiers and administrators involved in the First and Second World Wars and the Vietnam and Gulf Wars, Worth examines the changing role of women in the military, their struggle for equal opportunities, and why women are still barred from combat.


Proud to Be: My Life, The Air Force, The Controversy

Kelly Flinn might have been a fine pilot, but she’s not much of a writer. That said, her book, Proud to Be, still manages to hold your interest and elicit your sympathy. Flinn, the first female bomber pilot in the United States Air Force, achieved a different sort of notoriety when she was forced to leave the service in the wake of an affair with a married enlisted man.

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