The following is a public accumulation of P-3 Briefing Guides, Study Guides, Ops Limits and various errata.
ATTENTION: These are Unofficial documents. None of this information is a substitute for official publications, regulations or your NATOPS. Feel free to view each file or download them all; print and use. If you have any gouge of your own please email me and I will add it to the collection. Please submit your names with your gouge so that all crew dogs know who to thank. Terms of use.

P-3 / EP-3 Pilot/Flight Engineer NATOPS Open Book Test Gouge (234K Word), 29Jun11, thanks to Jason Thompson.
P-3 2010 Pilot NATOPS Question Bank (377K Word), 29Jun11, thanks to Jason Thompson.
P-3 WINFPM Files (5MB Zip), 28Jan10, thanks to Rick Holt, VP9
P-3 Exterior Inspection (4.8Mb PPT), 28Jan10, thanks to the aviators of VP30

Below files submitted 28Jan10, updated 23 Oct 2010 by Rick Holt, VP9 – original authors unknown
P-3 PQS Bible – AC Press (updated 23Oct2010)
P-3 PQS Bible – Electrics (updated 23Oct2010)
P-3 PQS Bible – APU (updated 23Oct2010)
P-3 PQS Bible – Prop (updated 23Oct2010)
P-3 PQS Bible – Foul Weather (updated 23Oct2010)
P-3 PQS Bible – Fuel System (updated 23Oct2010)
P-3 PQS Rick James Study Sheet
P-3 FIG (2Mb PDF)

P-3 Study Guides – 13 Mar 04, thanks to Andrew
Engine Start Procedures (37K .doc)
Fire Of Unknown Origin Flow Chart (30K .doc)
Normal Procedures ANSWERS (160K .doc)
Gouge Flash Cards (51K .doc)
Pilot Briefs (23K .doc)
EP Flash Cards (105K .doc)
Limitations, Gouge, Etc (81K .doc)
Normal Procedures QUESTIONS (47K .doc)
P-3 Acronyms (31K .doc)