Air Force Pilot Training Topics

  1. Typical Training Day in Pilot Training
  2. Life as an Officer in Undergraduate Pilot Training
  3. Euro-Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT)
  4. Physical Fitness and the FACT
  5. Welcome Letter & What to Bring
  6. Acronyms & Terms Glossary

Welcome to Undergraduate Pilot Training

You are beginning a year of intense training that will culminate with your being awarded wings-provided you remain committed to the task. The mission at your flying training wing is to train new pilots to become the finest military pilots in the world.

Nothing matches the thrill and excitement of aviation. Briefing sorties, executing maneuvers, and safely recovering a military jet requires intense focus and commitment to mission accomplishment. Instructor Pilots in Undergraduate Pilot Training are committed to the mission of training the best pilots in the world. Your focus should be total dedication to the Undergraduate Flying Training experience.

Your journey as a military aviator will soon begin. Upon arrival at your training base, be physically and mentally prepared for the most exciting and challenging 52 weeks of your life. Your reward will be an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and of course, the coveted silver wings of an Air Force aviator. Congratulations on your selection to Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training!

Some things to do as you prepare to PCS and upon arrival at your UPT base:

1. Plan on arriving several days early – do not plan to arrive the day your class starts training. Inprocess at the Transition Office of the Operations Support Squadron (OSS).

2. Call your base Housing Office to inquire about the housing opportunities and to make reservations for on-base housing.

3. Call the Traffic Management Office (TMO) to arrange for your household goods to be delivered.

4. Call your Postal Service Center (PSC) on base to establish a mailbox or to forward your mail.

5. Go to Military Pay and Travel Pay sections of your Mission Support Squadron (MSS) and take care of pay and travel voucher issues.

Shortly after your first training day, your will go to Equipment Issue and receive a large assortment of new flight gear. That is when you can expect to receive your flight suits, flight boots, jackets, bags, and assorted gear for UPT. Additionally, the Transition Office will send you to the OSS Book Store where you will be issued your flight publications, textbooks, and manuals.

What to Bring to UPT

Gather the following checklist items to ensure a smooth transition during in-processing.

1. 30 copies of orders (front and back).

2. Identification Card (drivers license and military ID card).

3. Proof of car registration, insurance, and title.

4. Money (approximately $500), check book, and/or credit/debit card (ATM tellers on base and check cashing at the Base Exchange and Officers’ Club).

5. Medical, shot, and dental records (flight physical).

6. Traffic Management Office papers and receipts from move if applicable.

7. Uniforms: short sleeve blues with flight cap, flight suit if you have it, and combat or flight boots, mess dress for pilot training graduation, service dress for official photo, and ABUs for ground training.

8. All personnel records.

9. All receipts to fill out travel vouchers.