Air Force Pilot Training Topics

  1. Typical Training Day in Pilot Training
  2. Life as an Officer in Undergraduate Pilot Training
  3. Euro-Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT)
  4. Physical Fitness and the FACT
  5. Welcome Letter & What to Bring
  6. Acronyms & Terms Glossary

Prepare for the FACT and the USAF PFT

If you are not involved in a fitness program, we recommend you start one before your arrival. Students will accomplish a standard USAF Physical Fitenss Test (PFT) at the start of UPT and again upon completion. Make sure you haven’t slacked off in your physical fitness in the later portion of your senior year in college – or wherever you are coming from prior to reporting for UPT.

The Fighter Aircrew Conditioning Test (FACT) will determine an individual’s muscle fitness as it applies to operating high-G aircraft and identify anaerobic weakness that can be improved through specific physical conditioning. The FACT contains eight exercise events divided into two categories: Strength Test and Muscular Endurance Test. To pass this test, individuals must complete a minimum of 50 total repetitions of the five events in the Strength Category and the minimum required repetition in all three events in the Endurance Category. Repetitions above the maximum are not counted. The individual’s total FACT score is calculated by adding together the strength and endurance scores.

The Strength Test Category requires 10-15 repetitions. Exercise and weight requirements include: your body weight multiplied by .35 for arm curls, .8 for bench press, .7 for lat pulls, 1.6 for leg press and .5 for leg curls.

The Muscular Endurance Test includes: push-ups, abdominal crunches and leg presses at a minimum of 20 reps to a maximum of 50 reps. (remember: no extra points for over the max amount).