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Photos and narrative submitted by UPT Families living in base housing.

In order to try and help families prepare for their military move, we have put together photos and descriptions of on-base family housing at USAF UPT bases. Click on the above bases to view pictures and information about on-base housing. We would like to add unaccompanied Officer housing as well (dorms). If you have any information or photos to add, please contact us.

Columbus Air Force Base Housing Office
(662) 434-7278
DSN 742-7278

Laughlin AFB Housing Office
Telephone: 830-298-5732 or DSN 732-5732
Fax: 830-298-5831 or DSN 732-5831
Email: Maria Berny, Flight Chief

Building 468, off of Laughlin Drive, between the Temporary Lodging Facility and the Club XL, Laughlin AFB, TX 78843-5143

Mailing Address:
47CES/CEH, 251stFourth Street, Laughlin AFB, TX 78843-5143

Vance Air Force Base Housing Office
(580) 213-7259
DSN 488-7259
Building 714, Vance AFB, OK

Download the Vance AFB Housing Brochure

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