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Vance AFB Family Housing

These are typical examples of on-base family housing at Vance AFB for UPT students’ families. There are 2, 3, and 4 bedroom duplex homes with various floor plans. Three bedroom units are by far the most plentiful – with two and four bedrooms being rare. The houses were all built in the late 50’s-early 60’s. All of the kitchens and bathrooms have been updated within the last five years. The square footage is somewhere in the 1600 sq ft range for the three bedroom. Carpet is rare, but most people do it themselves, so I hope you like linoleum tile!

With 95% of the units being three bedrooms, couples with or without children will be placed in a three bedroom. All units have a single covered carport. The carports are located right next to each other, so you don’t have to share a common wall with your neighbor!

If your house doesn’t have a fence or carpeting (most don’t), you are allowed to install them yourself. The catch is, if you either accept the house with a fence or carpeting or you install them yourself, you must be prepared to dispose of it before you move. The housing office are sticklers about this!

The units have a substantial amount of storage room outside as well. All of the units have fairly large grass yards so you will need a lawn mower! Duplex units all have a refrigerator, gas stove and dishwasher. You supply the microwave and the washer/dryer. There is a huge laundry room dedicated to a full size (side by side) washer and dryer set with shelves above for storage. In most units, it is directly off the kitchen. If you live on base, all utilities (water, electric, trash pickup) are free. At the end of the housing complex, there is a huge kiddie play area. So it’s not necessary for families to bring swing sets and stuff if they don’t want to.

To get on the waiting list, you must contact the Housing Office (information below). Although they frequently advertise a lengthy wait, many families are able to move in a few weeks after having their application in for about a month. The housing office will tell you that it’s basically impossible to get in a house but the reality is that it’s really not that bad of a wait.

When you arrive at Vance AFB you have to check with the Base Housing Office, whether you plan to live on or off base. It is located in Building 714.

Vance AFB Housing Office
Telephone:(580) 213-7259
download Vance AFB Family Housing Brochure


House exterior


House side view


Front door


Living room 1


Living room 2


Master BR




Bedroom 2


Family Housing

JSUPT Unaccompanied Officer Quarters

Single JSUPT students are required to live in the on-base, unaccompanied officer personnel housing (UOPH). The two-hundred and ten Vance UOPH units provide modern, apartment-style living for each officer. The units are fully furnished providing a living and sleeping area, kitchen, bathroom and private outside entrance. Free laundry rooms are located in each building. Although fully furnished, officers may elect to use their own furniture in the UOPH. Maid service is available as an option for a nominal fee. Assignment of UOPH is handled through the Lodging Office (commercial phone: 580-213-7358). Reservations for a room should be made as soon as possible.

JSUPT students may not secure off-base housing unless UOPH is not available or assignment to UOPH will cause a serious, personal hardship. (Non-availability of UOPH must be documented by the billeting office and approved in writing by the Support Group Commander. Personal hardship must be documented by the officer and approved in writing by the Support Group Commander.) The Vance billeting office can provide more detail. In all cases, single officers must obtain written approval of the Support Group Commander and process through the Base Housing Office prior to securing off-base housing. Other than JSUPT, single officers. Unaccompanied officers, EXCEPT JSUPT students, are authorized to reside off base and draw a quarters allowance; however, they must process through the Lodging Office, to start their single rate BAH. (Contact Lodging at commercial: 580- 213-7358.)