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Laughlin AFB Family Housing

These are typical examples of on-base family housing at Laughlin AFB for UPT students’ families. There are 2 and 3 bedroom duplex homes with various floor plans each approximately 1200 square feet. Most duplexes have 3 bedrooms, however if you don’t have any kids, you may live in a 2 bedroom unit. All units have a single covered car port. The carports are located on opposite ends of the duplex, each unit shares a common wall in the middle.

Some back yards are fenced in – more duplex units have fences than those that don’t. What happens is if you’ve installed a fence yourself, when you move out, you can try to sell it (usually around $150), take it with you, or turn it over to the Government which usually means it stays with the house. It’s a good deal if you get one with a fence, because we wanted to get one installed and to have one done for you is over $700!

The units have a substantial amount of closets and a storage room outside as well. All of the units have fairly large grass yards and may or may not be fenced…something to consider if you have pets. You will need a lawn mower! Some models will be remodeled, meaning they will be carpeted and have newer appliances and fixtures. Duplex units all have a refrigerator, gas stove and dishwasher. Newly renovated units include a microwave. You have to provide a washer/dryer. There is a closet dedicated to a full size (side by side) washer and dryer set with cabinets above for storage. In most units, it is directly off the kitchen. If you live on base, all utilities (water, electric, trash pickup) are free. Throughout base housing, in the middle of each group of houses, on every street, there is a dedicated playground for kids. So it’s not necessary for families to bring swing sets and stuff if they don’t want to.

To get on the waiting list, you must contact the Housing Office (information below). Although they frequently advertise a 2-3 month wait, many families are able to move in within days or a few weeks.


Duplex exterior front


Duplex rear 3BR 1.5BA


Duplex exterior front


Living Room




Kitchen – gas range


Dining Room

Playground 1_b_small

Housing playground

Playground 2_b_small

Another housing playground

Laughlin AFB Housing Office
Telephone: 830-298-5732 or DSN 732-5732
Fax: 830-298-5831 or DSN 732-5831
Email: Maria Berny, Flight Chief

Building 468, off of Laughlin Drive, between the Temporary Lodging Facility and the Club XL, Laughlin AFB, TX 78843-5143

Mailing Address:
47CES/CEH, 251st Fourth Street, Laughlin AFB, TX 78843-5143

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