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066 Lucky Valley Drive
Bonsall, CA 92000
March 31, 2011

Commanding Officer
302nd Airlift Squadron
Colorado Springs, CO 80914


I would like to become a member of the 302nd Airlift Squadron. I have included a package detailing my military flight experience, service records and other pertinent information for your review.

I currently fly the CH-46E Sea Knight Helicopter for the United States Marine Corps. I will have completed my commitment with the United States Marine Corps on 31 May 2004.

I will be relocating to Colorado in the near future as my wife has attained employment in Colorado Springs. I would very much like the opportunity to continue to fly and serve my country. I am willing to deploy as necessary and look forward to the opportunity.

My tentative departure date from active duty service is 15 June 2004 with a potential start date of 30 July 2004. Enclosed is my resume as a first step in exploring the possibilities of flying with your unit.

My most recent military experience has been as the Assistant Operations Officer in a Marine Helicopter Squadron. As a pilot and as the Assistant Operations Officer, I was responsible for the training of 28 pilots and 32 Crew Chiefs. I was also responsible for the coordination of twelve aircraft in time of real world contingencies. I have been awarded personal medals for my efforts. I have been designated as an Aircraft Commander, Section Leader, Division Leader, Basic Instructor Pilot, Terrain Flight Instructor and Functional Check Pilot. I have extensive tactical, NVG and combat time in military aircraft. While assigned to Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 160, I participated in the planning and execution of over 108 missions Iraq during Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

Thank you for your consideration.

I. M. Phrogpilot
Captain, USMC

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