The following is a public accumulation of C-5 Briefing Guides, Study Guides, Ops Limits and various errata.
ATTENTION: These are Unofficial documents. None of this information is a substitute for official publications, regulations or USAF Tech Orders. Feel free to view each file or download them all; print and use. If you have any gouge of your own please email me and I will add it to the collection. Please submit your names with your gouge so that all crew dogs know who to thank.

KC-135 Tanker Gouge – as of 24Jan09, thanks to Robert Randall

KC-10 Tanker Gouge

  • KC-10 CoP Website (CAC required) – Thanks to Rob Eklund (updated 12Dec2010)
  • Tanker Paperwork – Tanker Paperwork Generator; AMC Forms 4053, 160. (3Feb2009) Thanks to Gabriel Cabrera

Other Gouge

Pilot Supplies
Pilot Kneeboards
Pilot Watches

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