Military Cell Phone Discounts

Department of Defense Handheld Wireless Enterprise Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) Sponsorship Program. (US Army Press Release)

All Federal Government employees may participate in the DoD Handheld Wireless Enterprise BPAs Sponsorship Program to purchase wireless devices, services, and accessories for their personal use.

Sprint Nextel Sponsorship Program
Sprint offers a 15% military discount on monthly service plans. A two year service agreement must be established or an existing Sprint Nextel service agreement must be renewed for an additional two years to qualify for the discount. Additionally, receive a free accessory pack on select devices – and there are additional monthly promotions. With the family plan each additional line after the primary line incurs a $9.99 per line per month add-on charge (includes unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile). The plans allow for up to 5 phones on the same account. The activation and shipping fees are waived. Up to $200 early termination fee applies to each line. You may contact Sprint Nextel at 1-800-777-4681, 1-888-788-4727 or 1-800-639-6111. You may also access the Sprint Nextel Discount webpage or visit the nearest Sprint Store. The BPA number is W91RUS-06-A-0002.

AT&T Military Discount
AT&T Offers 15% Monthly Service Charge discount available to active and retired military personnel, 2yr. contract required. Handset Pricing: Business 2 year equipment price or best retail offer. Standard IRU validation requirements: Must show valid government employment ID at retail point of sale or validate online with a recognized government email domain (.gov, .mil, et al.) via our online eCommerce site.

Military FAN/Code:
Army – 2421660
Navy – 2421954
Air Force – 2421652
Marines – 2421958
Coast Guard – 2422480

T-Mobile’s Sponsorship Program

Switch to T-Mobile and take advantage of Americas Largest 4G Network, Affordable Smartphones, 15% discount on monthly service and Waived activation fees.* For additional information or to place a new order please contact T-Mobile at 877-426-2024. Reference promo code 15327TMOFAV. Already using T-Mobile? Call 877 453 8824 or go to to check your elligibilty.* (*some restrictions may apply) Thanks!

Verizon Wireless

Verizon does not participate in the Sponsorship Program under the new BPA (W91RUS-06-A-0001). However, Verizon Wireless does offer a 15% discount on monthly plans costing $35 and above and 25% off accessories for all Federal Government employees through its Consumer Accounts Department. Verizon Wireless offers three phones for free (CDM 180, PN-120 and LGVX3450). The service agreement can be one or two years. The activation and shipping fees are waived. Family time plans (minimum 2 lines/maximum 5 lines per plan) pool the minutes together at $9.99 per phone add-on charge per month after the first two phones. Go to and enter in your official military email address (personal email addresses cannot be accepted). Verizon Wireless will send an email link and showing the discounted equipment and rates, as well as allow you to register an existing line of service for discounting. Also you may contact Verizon Wireless at 1-800-922-0204.

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