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We offer the cheapest prepaid calling cards to allow you to make calls to friends and relatives in Asia, Europe, Americas, Africa, and the Middle East. Our prices are among the best on the internet. All fees disclosed upfront! Check out our new International Mobile Phones & Global Prepaid GSM Cards.

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Customize – you pick your card and you pick your plan. No hidden fees. Pick the best and cheapest international calling cards for your calling style and to the regions you call most. Students, travelers, military, business persons alike can save upwards of 80% on your phone bill. Beat IDT, AT&T, Sprint, MCI rates and other calling cards. Students – Save a great deal by using your existing school long distance provider. Dialing these toll-free access numbers allow you to by-pass the school system. Military Service Members need to check out our Military Calling Cards.

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ypical customers with family or friends overseas report to us that they save hundreds of dollars each month by using our phone cards. In addition to carrying the most popular and reliable cards on the market, we offer our own SPP-Brand Calling Cards. Check out the new low-rate SPP World cards. You can get your PIN number online via E-Mail right after processing your order and you can start using calling card immediately! We offer the best deals on prepaid calling cards for domestic and international use. Check out our newest calling cards to the Philippines, Canada, & UK. Check out our latest Calling Cards On Sale. We offer the best selection of discount calling cards to India.

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card_guaranteeSay Hello to Dial Advantage prepaid long distance service. Ultra Flexibility – Make long distance calls from your home, business, or cell phone, even when visiting or traveling. No Contracts – Use DialAdvantage for as long as you like. No Additional Fees – No connection fess, maintenance fees or taxes. PINless dialing – Store up to nine additional phone numbers to use with your account. Traveling business persons can save on long distance calls from hotels and airports nationwide. We now offer rechargeable calling cards!

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Calling Cards from USA to

Country Mins† Rate
Philippines 166 6.0¢/min
United States 1694 0.6¢/min
United Kingdom 1492 0.7¢/min
India 285 2.0¢/min
Russia 1666 0.6¢/min
Germany 1639 0.6¢/min
Vietnam 212 4.7¢/min
Australia 869 1.2¢/min
South Korea 1333 0.8¢/min
Country Mins† Rate
South Africa 348 2.9¢/min
Colombia 666 1.5¢/min
Kenya 400 2.5¢/min
Thailand 909 1.1¢/min
Iraq 666 1.5¢/min
Japan 666 1.5¢/min
Mexico 1250 0.8¢/min
Ukraine 384 2.6¢/min
Brazil 1428 0.7¢/min
Country Mins† Rate
Pakistan 434 2.3¢/min
Nigeria 454 2.2¢/min
Jamaica 270 3.7¢/min
Italy 1020 1.0¢/min
Ecuador 179 5.6¢/min
Romania 714 1.4¢/min
France 1492 0.7¢/min
Israel 1250 0.8¢/min