Unfortunately, we cannot answer email installation questions regarding FormFlow.

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Download Instructions

Instructions to Download and Install FormFlow Software(Please Note: You need WinZip to complete this installation )

  1. Download the FormFlow software to begin.
  2. Choose to Save the File to your Desktop. (do not choose to put it in any folder)
  3. Once the download is complete, choose open.
    • If you do not see a dialog box with this option, Double click on the new FormFlow icon on your desktop.
  4. A WinZip dialog box will open, clickI Agree
  5. Click the Extract icon on the toolbar
    • If you do not see Extract, you may need to switch from WinZip’s Wizard mode to Classic. To do this, click the WinZip Classic button in the bottom left corner and then continue by clicking the Extract icon.
  6. Choose your desktop for the “Extract to:” location and then click Extract
    • Minimize all windows so that your desktop is visible.
  7. Open the Disk 1 folder on your desktop
  8. Open the file named SETUP whose file type is Application – this file may also be calledSETUP.EXE
  9. Follow install instructions through to finish.
    • You should not have to enter any information (i.e. name, company or serial)
  10. Close the FormFlow and WinZip widows.
    • You may also delete Disk1 – Disk 7, and the FormFlow Word document from your desktop.

The software you are about to download is licensed to the USAF for USAF active duty, Guard, and Reserve military and civilian personnel only. AF contractors and other military service personnel are not authorized to download or use software under this license.

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