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From: Captain I. M. Phrogpilot USMC 123 45 6789/7562To: Commanding Officer, 302nd Airlift Squadron


(1) Cover Letter
(2) Military Resume
(3) Official Photograph
(4) Letter of Recommendation from Maj Pain
(5) Letter of Recommendation from Maj Burns
(6) Letter of Endorsement from LtCol Dahman
(7) Flight Personnel Designation Record
(8) Mission Qualification Record
(9) NATOPS Evaluation from Mar 01
(10) NATOPS Evaluation from Mar 02
(11) NATOPS Evaluation from Mar 03
(12) USMC Fitness Report Feb 03 to May 03
(13) USMC Fitness Report Jul 02 to Feb 03
(14) USMC Fitness Report Jan 02 to Jun 02

1. The following package is information provided for use by the Pilot Selection Board.

2. Enclosures 4,5,6 are Letters of Recommendation used initially for the application as Marine Officer Instructor at a University. Due to time constraints, letters of recommendation directly addressing the transition to the Air Force was not feasible at this time but is forthcoming. Please consider these letters sufficient due the reason listed above.

3. Enclosures 9,10,11 are my last three NATOPS Evaluations, which I believe to be similar to the Air Force “Form 8”.

4. I will be moving back to Colorado during the summer of 2004 as my wife has attained a position as a Registered Nurse in Colorado Springs. I grew up in Denver and I look forward in returning to my home state and if selected, flying for the Air Force Reserves.

5. I am currently an active duty United States Marine with an active duty base date of 1 June 1996.

6. My date of birth is 15 June 1971.


7. If necessary, please contact me during and after the selection process. I am currently assigned to Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 160 as the Assistant Operations Officer. If questions should arise please contact me through email, phrogpilo