ASRR Legacy Website No Longer Supported

As of late 2010, the US Air Force’s Air Mobility Command (AMC) no longer supports access to the ASRR via its old CAC-required link ( ).

From that point on, the only way to acess the Air Field Suitability and Restrictions Report (ASRR) is directly through the GDSS2 site, which requires an account be setup for each user in addition to the CAC-requirement.

GDSS2 Accounts

GDSS2 is Air Mobility Command’s online Global Decision Support System 2 . GDSS2 provides unit-level and force-level mission planning, scheduling and tracking of all mobility airlift and air refueling missions. Additionally, a GDSS2 account will grant user access to the ASRR site. Does Not Control GDSS2 Access

Unfortunately, this website does not control access to the GDSS2 site nor can we grant access to the ASRR. The only way to receive access privileges to the ASRR is to apply for a GDSS2 account directly from Air Mobility Command. We cannot answer any questions regarding ASRR access nor can we facilitate user or unit access to the GDSS2. Please direct your questions to Air Mobility Command.