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US Military Phone Calling Cards

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AT&T - 19
Sprint - 10
Our Price - 1

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Instant Service
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Some of our cards
USA to Germany 3
USA to Korea 3
USA to UK 2
USA to Italy 3
USA to India 8
USA to Mexico 7

Japan to USA 21

Italy to USA 18
Germany to USA 16
Korea to USA 22
Puerto Rico to USA 16
U.K. to USA 20
Kuwait to USA 55
USA to Turkey 16
USA to Israel 3



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Cheap Prepaid Military Phone Cards internationalWe Salute our Armed Forces!
Beat AT&T, Sprint, MCI, and IDT
Stay in touch while TDY or Deployed
Call USA to Iraq for
2 per minute
Call from Iraq & Middle East to USA 5
per minute
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Operation Iraqi Freedom & Enduring Freedom
Are you or someone in your family deployed overseas in support of the Global War on Terror?  Stay in touch with family and friends when deployed to forward locations, even in Iraq and Afghanistan.  With Morale Phone access from even the most remote locations, the only thing missing is a good, reliable calling card.  Purchase one of our prepaid calling cards and call home from one of the AT&T Calling Centers or via the DSN Switchboard.  Convenience for frequent travelers -
International Cell Phones.

International Calling Cards

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