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USA to Germany 3
USA to Korea 3
USA to UK 2
USA to Italy 3
USA to India 8
USA to Mexico 7

Japan to USA 21

Italy to USA 18
Germany to USA 16
Korea to USA 22
Puerto Rico to USA 16
U.K. to USA 20
Kuwait to USA 55
USA to Turkey 16
USA to Israel 3





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Cheap Prepaid Military Phone Cards internationalWe Salute our Armed Forces!
Beat AT&T, Sprint, MCI, and IDT
Stay in touch while TDY or Deployed
Call USA to Iraq for
2 per minute
Call from Iraq & Middle East to USA 5
per minute
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Operation Iraqi Freedom & Enduring Freedom
Are you or someone in your family deployed overseas in support of the Global War on Terror?  Stay in touch with family and friends when deployed to forward locations, even in Iraq and Afghanistan.  With Morale Phone access from even the most remote locations, the only thing missing is a good, reliable calling card.  Purchase one of our prepaid calling cards and call home from one of the AT&T Calling Centers or via the DSN Switchboard.  Convenience for frequent travelers -
International Cell Phones.

International Calling Cards

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New Military Calling Cards from Iraq & Overseas

Military Calling CardsMCI Military Calling Card
MCI has introduced a prepaid calling card that can be used from Iraq. This card is sold in $10 and $20 denominations. The rate to call from Iraq to the US is 45 per minute. A $10 card will allow for a 22 minute phone call from Iraq to the US and the $20 has 44 minutes for the same call. This card can be used to call anywhere in the world from the US and can be used from about a 130 different countries around the world. Call to the U.S. from U.S. Military Bases worldwide on a DSN line (Defense System Network) for 5/min. 

AT&T Military Calling Card
Military Phone CardsAT&T is installing calling centers and phones in U.S. Military bases and camps in Iraq and other locations in the middle east. These AT&T Calling Centers have phones that automatically connect to AT&T USADirect Service for calls back to the U.S.; the phones accept a variety of payment methods, including AT&T Prepaid Phone Cards. Look for dialing instructions on the phone. Calling centers are currently installed at Al Asad Air Base, Al Sahra Air Base/Tirkrit-Palace Complex, Baghdad Int'l Airport, Balad Air Base, Camp Babylon, Camp Falcon, Camp Performance, FOB Speicher, MEK Compound, Mosul Air Base, Muleskinner, Talil Air Base and Victory Base in Baghdad. Installation is pending at Al Kut, FOB Munsan, FOB Q-West, and Kirkuk. Rate to use the AT&T Prepaid Card from Iraq AT&T Calling Centers to the US is 45 per minute. Call to the U.S. from U.S. Military Bases worldwide on a DSN line (Defense System Network) for 5/min.

  • Prepaid phone cards, with PIN-Numbers sent via email for instant, cheap, reliable service.  

  • 24-hour customer support. Find the cheapest rate and best plan that suits your calling style.

  • We carry many international phone cards, each specializing in different regions: Europe, Middle East, Asia, Americas, so you can always count on compatibility and low prices.  Wherever you travel or deploy, you can use our phone cards.

  • Cheapest Rates within the 48 States, Overseas and Worldwide.

  • Our phone cards can save you up to 80% on your phone bill. Typical customers with family or friends overseas report to us that they save hundreds of dollars each month by using our phone cards with their home phone rather than dialing direct and domestic users can find their bills cut in half.  Great savings for our military, airmen, marines, soldiers and sailors; students, business travelers alike.

Vox Call International Calling Plan
International phone calls are easy and very affordable using the Vox Call service.  Vox Call is not a prepaid calling card - instead, it is an international calling service.  You simply pay as you go with no contract or additional fees.  Rates are cheaper than prepaid calling cards or prepaid phone cards, and Vox Call offers convenient features like PINless Dialing and Speed Dial and viewable Online Call Detail Reports.

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We offer phone cards that will allow you to call to virtually any country in the world from any touch-tone phone in the U.S. We also have cards that will allow you to call from nearly one hundred foreign countries back to the U.S. at rates typically much less than direct-dialed calls from the originating country.  You can use phone cards with virtually all cellular networks and all payphones, although exceptions exist in some regions of the country.  AT&T won't disclose fees, instead here is what their website claims: "Rates vary from country to country and are subject to change without notice."  Buy a cheap prepaid phone card with no contracts and no hidden fees.

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