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The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and Jeppesen are pleased to announce the immediate availability of internet-based access to Jeppesen’s worldwide library of aeronautical terminal navigation charts and text documents. All members of the Department of Defense (DoD) and Coast Guard (USCG) may now access every approach, departure, arrival, terminal airspace, and airport familiarization chart published by Jeppesen, as well as Airway ManualĀ® text documents (NAT Tracks, noise abatement procedures, etc.) and FAR/AIM, from any web-enabled computer. Users may search, browse, and filter the worldwide library, save common routes of flight as RoutePacks, print an unlimited number of charts or documents from the site, and save charts and documents as .pdf files for exchange via E-Mail.

DoD and USCG may request a user account to utilize the service at no charge to the user. Each user should register for a unique user name and password.


We wish to provide you and your organization with the opportunity to access the new online service immediately. Please use the attached Jeppesen registration form to provide the requested information for all potential users in your organization. Once complete, please return the spreadsheet to Jeppesen via E-Mail at the following address:

Registration E-Mail Address: echarts@jeppesen.com


After registration, every new user will receive a welcome package via E-Mail with a user guide and instructions for accessing the site from anywhere in the world. Users should contact Jeppesen at the following for questions about the service or technical support, or the NGA Office of Military Support for questions about the program.


E-Mail: echarts@jeppesen.com
Telephone: 303.328.6366

24-Hour Tech Support: 800.538.7526 / Direct 303.328.4585 / gscc@jeppesen.com


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