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What is Baseops?

Baseops is short for Base Operations.  There is a Baseops located at every military airfield in the world.  Baseops is where aircrews go to mission plan, check weather, and file their flight plans.  Baseops.net is your virtual online version of the Base Operations.  We provide pilots the best flight preparation tools, mission planning information, and data available on the Internet.  Baseops is maintained to aid aircrews in their flight planning and mission preparation.

It all started during an Operation SOUTHERN WATCH deployment and our crew was planning a mission from the Persian Gulf to Africa.  Unfortunately, at our remote location, we had little access to flight planning publications, mission planning software, and no military phone lines.  At that point we realized that this information must be out there somewhere on the World Wide Web.  Thanks to
Al Gore's invention of the internet , we were able to plan our mission, and we realized how valuable this new resource would become.  I made a personal vow to create a flight planning website at the end of that trip.  And that was the genesis of the Baseops.net website.

Baseops began as an accumulation of links to military flight planning websites and resources on the internet.  As technology caught up to the aviation world, flight publications, mission planning materials, and other valuable resources began appearing on the internet.  We have accumulated the best aviation resources from official and reputable online sources.  Prepare your flight plan, check aviation weather, prepare for your tactical sortie or airdrop, check imagery and official publications, all right here at Baseops.   


See the Big Picture

At times when official metro cannot be contacted, or when you have a certain question or are looking for a certain image, visit Aviation Weather at Baseops.  Of course, this does not substitute an official weather DD175-1, military weather briefing.  We offer multiple official sources so that you can choose the image you like best.  Most of our images are refreshed within the last 15 minutes.  Now you can check the METAR and TAF codes, view the latest NEXRAD radar, and see what the forecasted weather will be - all from your home or work PC.

Knowledge is Power

Our vision was to create an online military aviation community.  We have set up elaborate, aircraft-specific gouge sections that include comprehensive study guides, notes, and more.  Through this collaborative environment, aviators can share their information online, with the rest of the aviation world.  The Baseops Discussion Forums have gone through a complete makeover with a new database backend driving the latest portal and message board software.  Our members include more than 2,600 military aviation enthusiasts. We are also posting aviation job listings .  ANG/AFRES are posting their job hiring announcements online - all in one concise website.  Additionally, we post a variety of other flying and non-flying employment opportunities online as well.

As military aviators, we want to inspire the next generation of pilots and crewmembers.  Our
Military Pilot section details the journey through Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT).  Whether you are interested in learning about ROTC, OTS, or the Air National Guard and Reserves, our military pilot section, aviation medicine archive, and discussion forums offers our users comprehensive information from subject matter experts.

We have created a public shared source for all of your gouge.  Find out which are the best crew-friendly hotels and restaurants worldwide.  Now you can read other aircrews' comments on
CONUS and overseas worldwide locations, as well as send in your own TDY Gouge.  This information used to be passed verbally from one experienced crewmember to the "new guy".  Now, the wealth of knowledge is shared online.

Check out our Military Finance section where we share military and travel pay tips, advice, and lessons learned from our users.  Many service members are not getting paid all their entitlements simply because they didn't know.  We have organized the most detailed list of military pay links and resources on the internet.  Everyone can learn something new from our
MilPay and Travel Pay Section

We are always dedicated to ensuring our site is reliable and loads quickly.  The advertisements we have placed on the website are to cover operating costs and to compensate us for our time.  Rest assured that we will always keep the site efficient for easy access and quick load times.  All of our flight planning resources, military aviation information, and interactive features are free to use.  Check out our
Terms of Use .  This is a collaborative effort - contribute to this site .

Support Baseops

We now offer Military Phone Cards for use within the U.S. and calling to and from overseas.  These cards are prepaid and are the cheapest rates out there.  Additionally, we offer International GSM Cell Phones with worldwide coverage.  We support our troops and know how important it is to stay in touch with friends and family while on the road.  Spread the word and thanks for your support.  Help support Baseops by buying our Phone Cards!  Are you UPT-bound as a student pilot?  Buy your IFT flight gear through our affiliate MyPilotStore and save big on discount flight gear.

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Contact Baseops

Help us keep your website up-to-date.  Let us give you all the information you demand.   Comments? Questions? Corrections? We have a brand new Email Form for you to fill out.  Fill out our Baseops Contact Form and you will get fast response form the Baseops Team.  If you are submitting attachments for posting at Baseops, please contact us via this form and we will email you submission instructions.

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  • "This site is the best site for information on becoming a military pilot. Trying to navigate through the Randolph site is difficult and information isn't very forthcoming. This is a refreshing look and insight into what it takes."
  • "I have viewed your website and found many useful items. I am a U.S. Navy KC-130T (H2.5 stripped out for logistics) Flight Engineer with about 10 years of experience and it just proves that old dogs do learn new tricks. Our Air Wing is exploring the world of tanking and the tactical environment. Your website (and we did read your disclaimer) has given us some insight on the Air Force way of operating and training in the Herc world. Thanks for the information and you can rest assured that we will be using this for training purposes and lectures."
  • "I only wanted to say thank you. While making every attempt to find some information, on the net and the Regs, I could not find it anywhere. That is, until I looked here at the suggestion of one of my Squadron member's. Outstanding job for your website. Q-1!"
  • "Your site is rapidly becoming a favorite around the Naval Reserve as well as with many airlines as most of our guys fly for all the majors."

  • "Just one comment:  Baseops.net, don't leave home without it!! Much thanks from a Navy Herc driver.  There is no better flight planning website out there!!"

  • "Fellow Aviator, I was accused of heresy in the mid-90s when we told a "Future of Flight Planning" conference at Andrews AFB that Base Ops could be replaced by a web page. Thanks for proving us correct. Keep up the terrific work!"

  • "Thanks for the help. Your website kicks ass."

  • "Let me start by saying your site is so well done, that many commercial websites could take a good lesson from yours."

  • "Thanks again for all your help, I introduced our Current-Ops shop to your web site and they love it!"
  • "Yours is the site I have wanted to start for a long time. I have talked to a bunch of .mil site guys who wanted to use yours and not bother with building theirs."
  • "I work at our base ops desk and use your page all the time. EXCELLENT web page!!!"
  • "This site is incredible.  Certainly this site was not set up by anyone in the military!  This site is helpful and consolidates everything in one location.  It is an extremely useful tool for aircrew.  No one associated with the government in any way would ever produce something this useful.  Nice job!  Please keep it up... who ever you are!!!!!" 
  • "Love using your site!  It's been really helpful on TDYs, studying at home, and just researching all sorts of pay issues.  It's also very user friendly --thanks so much."
  • "I would just like to thank whoever put this site together. It's the most comprehensive source of C-130 info I've ever found. Thanks a million." 
  • "Just got your site from a C-130 bud of mine. It's got some good stuff for all. Thanks for taking the time to put something like this together, and getting the word out on Travel pay, gouge, etc. Knowledge is power."
  • "Thanks for the Guard/Reserve job links. Your site gets better and better."
  • "I just wanted to thank you for putting this website together. It has been very helpful and informative."
  • "You've got the most useful Herk/mil aviation site I've seen. The content and the format are great. I know it's not easy gathering all this information. Keep up the good work. I've told lots of people about your site."
  • "I really like the site.. gave me some good info before I ever left home and the forms to fill out when I got back! "
  • "...Great website! Thanks for all of your work."
  • "Thanks for keeping up this website, it's a great tool for fighting with finance and billeting."
  • "Thank you so much for all the information you provide. I just started my quest into military aviation at age 23. You site has already provided me with a wealth of information I haven't found anywhere else. Not coming from a military family or community, it is sometimes difficult to find the right path to take in obtaining a flight slot. Not to mention everything I've found thus far is FREE! Thank you again and keep up the good work."
  • "Thank goodness for this site--there is no AMC site that actually provides useful data like this. I have been using it for years doing Space-A travel. Now that I am at Bagram and need a flight out, I have all the phone numbers in one place for all the passenger terminals. Thanks for taking the time to do this!"

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