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AFROTC - Reserve Officer Training Corps
Scholarship Information

How to Win
a ROTC Scholarship
Air Force ROTC can help ease the burden of many financial difficulties – and best of all you won’t owe money after college. Don’t get stuck working to pay your way through school, or take out loans that you’ll spend the next 20 years of your life paying back.

What kind of high school scholarships do we offer?

Our scholarships are offered in either 4-year or 3-year lengths. Our 4-year scholarships are activated in the fall of the freshman year while our 3-year scholarships are activated in the fall of the sophomore year.

Our three types are:

> Type 1 – which pays full college tuition, most lab fees and $510/year for books. Approximately 5 percent of our 4-year scholarship winners will be offered a Type-1 scholarship (mostly in Electrical Engineering and Meteorology).

> Type 2 – which pays college tuition and most lab fees up to $15,000 and pays $510/year for books. Approximately 10 percent of our 4-year scholarship winners will be offered a Type-2 scholarship (mostly in technical fields). If a student attends an institution where the tuition exceeds $15,000 then he/she pays the difference. All 3-year scholarships are Type-2.

> Type 7 – which pays full college tuition and most lab fees, but the student MUST attend a college/university where the tuition is less than $9,000 per year. These students also receive $510/year for books.

Air Force ROTC scholarships aren't activated until the student enlists in the Obligated Reserve Section of the Air Force Reserve, signs a contract, and passes the medical, moral, fitness, and physical qualifications for enlistment and contracting. Scholarship benefits are not payable until 45 days after the start of the fall term.

In addition, all scholarship recipients receive a nontaxable stipend of at least $250 per month during the school year.

Air Force ROTC scholarships cannot pay for room and board.

What majors are eligible for this program?

Air Force ROTC offers scholarships in academic majors needed to meet the needs of the Air Force.

Scholarships in our in-college programs are open to any major.

Scholarships in our high school program are open to any major, but are offered in the following proportions:

> 25 percent of the high school scholarship offers will be made in Electrical Engineering and Meteorology.

> 50 percent of the high school scholarship offers will be made in the following majors:

  • Architecture
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Foreign Languages/Foreign Area Studies

>  25 percent of the high school scholarship offers will be made in all other majors.



Military Training

Military Flight Aptitude Tests

Officer Candidate Tests

Multiservice Guide

Air Force Officer's Guide


How to Become a Naval Officer
Naval Officer's Guide


Score High on ASVAB
Learn more about the ASVAB

Airman's Guide

Mechanical Aptitude &
Spacial Relations Tests 5th ed.


Get Into Flight School - Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) Advice

"I would highly recommend the ARCO book. There is one called Officer Candidate Tests and another called Military Flight Aptitude Tests I studied for about four weeks and did a few full strictly timed practice tests and ended up making a 98 on Pilot and 95 on Nav when I took the real one last July. I found that many of the practice problems were more difficult than those on the test. The book was a great asset to my scores. Good luck!

More Test Advice & Testimonials

Whether you're in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, you'll need to be well prepared for your exam to compete for a seat in flight school. Use this book to get hands-on experience with the same kind of test material you'll see on exam day, and pass your exam with flying colors.

Military Flight Aptitude Tests will show you how to:

  • Score your best on the AFOQT, AFAST, or ASTB.
  • Conquer test anxiety and boost confidence.
  • Build a study plan and learn time management techniques.
  • Practice the same kinds of questions you'll see on the actual exam.
  • Use the process of elimination and make educated guesses to answer tough questions.
  • Get career tips to maximize your promotion potential.

The Complete Preparation Guide for Military Flight Aptitude Tests includes sample tests for the:

  • AFOQT (Air Force Officer Qualifying Test)
  • AFAST (Alternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test)
  • ASTB (Aviation Selection Test Battery)



"Study advice: The Military Flight Aptitude exam book is good for mazes, mechanical comp, word knowledge etc. However study the Officer Candidate Tests book, it is much better / more challenging in the math and arithmetic knowledge sections (spelling is obviously not my strength).  Study to realistic times ONCE YOU HAVE mastered the problems."

For the thousands of college graduates and enlisted personnel who each year seek commissions in the armed forces, here is the only guide to the officer candidate tests given by every service branch. Contents include full-length sample tests, up-to-the-minute coverage of the latest test formats, 1,200 practice questions with explanations, and detailed job descriptions. Line drawings, charts & diagrams.

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Mental Math for Pilots
Being able to easily perform math calculations in your head is a skill that every pilot strives for. If (like many!) you struggle a bit with this process, or, if you are simply looking for a way to improve your math skills in the cockpit, then 'Mental Math for Pilots' is a must read!

Instrument Flight Guide
As a struggling IFR student, this pocket size book has helped me to not only learn procedures, approaches, and systems, it has also enabled me to figure out the jargon, jumble, and seeming mumble of flying in good weather and foul.

Shane Osborn: Born to Fly
The riveting and inspiring story of how Navy Lieutenant Shane Osborn’s flying skills saved a Navy reconnaissance plane and its crew of 24 from almost certain death, and their subsequent ordeal of detention and interrogation.

How to Win
a ROTC Scholarship

As a father trying to help his son get a scholarship, this book was a blessing. Not a whole lot of fluff in here, this book gives it to you the ways it is. The insight into how the process worked really helped. The guidance obviously worked; my son received a full 4 year Naval ROTC scholarship! AWESOME! I can't tell you how much tuition this book saved our family! And more importantly, our son can serve his country.



Aerodynamics for 
Naval Aviators

This textbook presents the elements of applied aerodynamics and aeronautical engineering that directly relate to the flight training and general flight operations of naval aviators.




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