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Our cheap international prepaid phone cards will save you money.  We selected the best phone cards on the market. Get a phone card and start saving on long distance and international calls today. Using phone cards lets you avoid surprises on your phone bill. Sign up for your phone card online and have access to it within minutes. Your phone card pin and access number will be available immediately. Our phone cards have great low domestic rates from 1c per minute. Get a phone card to make low international calls too.  Call Africa: Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt - cheapest long distance rates!

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Prepaid Africa Phone Cards

Most people do not think about traveling to the African continent for vacation or leisure time, but it is one of the most diverse places to travel in the world. There are 56 countries in Africa, spanning a wide range of climates and cultures. Whether you enjoy lounging in luxury hotels, watching wildlife, hiking, fishing, swimming, or visiting cultural heritage museusms, there is definitely something for you in Africa.

The northern countries in Africa are the ones that are most popular for tourism. Egypt has the Great Pyramids and the ancient history of the Egyptian people, which includes a number of museums and sites to visit. North africa also has Algeria, which is the largest country in Africa and has a rich history of French rule and Muslim cultural influences. As a result, Algeria is home to a number of French and Arabic historic sites to visit, including Djemaa el-Djedid, a Turkish-style mosque that dates back to the 17th century, and the Jardin d’Essai, an enormous French garden that dates to the 19th century.

Global phone calling cardsAfrican cultures are incredibly diverse. Some countries have a predominantly Muslim population, with others leaning towards predominantly Christian or indigenous religions. Since many African countries have a history of European colonization, the diversity of indigenous cultures in Africa have been blended with English, French, German, or other European traditions. For this reason, Africa is a great place to study the ways that people adapt under colonialism and the new practices that emerge from that history. Throughout Africa, there are museums that document the countries' pasts. These museums often include a major section on the colonial encounter and its effects on African culture. This is a great way to study African cultures through an historical lens.

Africa is also home to a wide range of exotic and endangered species. Wildlife tours are especially popular in areas with vast savanna lands where the animals can be seen from a distance. Lions, zebras, gorillas, gazelle, and more are abundant in numbers throughout Africa, and many travel agencies can help you find the best tour for you.

No matter what you are interested in, Africa is going to have something for you. The rich cultural heritage, history, and wildlife are definitely worth a trip to this amazing continent.

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Libra Calling Card 0.8¢/ min. to UK, 1¢/ min. to Brazil
New Africa Card 1¢/min. to Singapore, 1¢/min. to South Korea
Pollo Loco Card 1¢/min. to UK, Germany, Australia

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