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T-6 Texan II USAF Pilot Training


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The following is a public accumulation of T-6 Briefing Guides, Study Guides, Ops Limits and various errata.  ATTENTION: These are Unofficial documents.  None of this information is certified to being current and in now way is a substitute for official publications, regulations or USAF Tech Orders.  Feel free to view each file or download them all; print and use.  If you have any gouge of your own, or have any corrections to note, please email me and I will add it to the collection.  Please submit your names with your gouge so that all crew dogs know who to thank.  Download all you want, you can link to this page and this site, but you may not post these files on any other public or private servers, websites, hosts, intranet, internet, without the consent of Baseops.Net All Rights Reserved.  Terms of use

T-6 Texan II Study Materials
Thanks to: Stephen B. Cox, 558FTS, Dave Lenhardt

T-6 Cockpit Trainer T-6 Study Notes T-6 Formation Gouge Note Cards Spreadsheet
T-6 Annunciator Lightsaviation weather, convective weather, forecast, icing conditions T-6 Boldface Filledaviation weather, convective weather, forecast, icing conditions T-6 Boldface Blankaviation weather, convective weather, forecast, icing conditions  

T6 Texan II on the ramp at Randolph AFB, TX

T-6 Photos + Study Material  T-6 Aircraft Spec Sheet  T-6 Article and More Photos

T-6 on Ramp

T-6 Closeup

T-6 Interior

T-6 Glass Cockpit

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